How to use a Baby Carrier: Supportive Tips

It is a charming seen when parents walk in front of us carrying their baby using different types of baby carriers. Yielding verities baby carrier is handy rather than showing it off!

However, if you are a newborn’s mom, it may be easy for you to get confused thinking about how to use a baby carrier to carry your baby! No problem, as you have come here unquestionably, we will resolve your issue.

A baby carrier not only holds your baby along with you, but it also brings a lot of advantage; grabbing of which you can explore your whole world.

If you cannot carry your baby correctly, it could be a severe issue for your baby’s safety and health. Therefore, it is mandatory to know proper using the carrier in the shake of your baby’s well being.

However, let’s know the process in details-

Different carrying positions:

Before using the baby carrier in the right direction and attitude, it is mandatory to know various carrying positions at first. There are numerous baby-carrying positions by which you can hold your baby with you.

Let’s know the possible ways to carry your baby-

Face to Face/Facing In:

Carrying of an Infants or a newborn baby needs a back and neck support to avoid an accidental case for the baby. A baby wrap, a baby sling, Mei Tai is the ideal baby carrier can hold your newborn baby by placing the face or body in a forward position.

Holding the baby in the “M’ like face forwarding position is the best way to hold a smaller baby. However, using the structural baby carrier for a relatively larger baby can bring a more adventurous way in this carrying position.

Facing Out:

Facing out sometimes relieve your baby from getting bored when continuously stay in the Face-to-Face position in the carrier. This position is just the same forwarding position, merely placing the face in the opposite direction from the wearer’s face.

We never suggest a newborn baby for such a position. This position is applicable for the baby who has passed the infant stage.

Hip Carrying:

After a long sling, you can carry your baby on your hip both in the parents facing or outward-facing position. Due to the back support of the carrier, you never need to engage your both hands holding the baby.

Hip carrying is the most effective and natural sitting position. Babies feel extreme comfort in this position.

Back Carrying:

Usually, this carrying position is suitable for the toddler baby. This position is ideal for carrying your toddler during travelling, hiking or going for outdoor work with your baby.

Carry the carrier at your back and hold your baby into the carrier keeping his/her face towards the parents or outward from the parents.

How to use a baby carrier?

See the below-listed steps and earn an excellent idea to use the baby carrier.

Select a perfect baby carrier:
Carrying the newborn needs to use a baby wrap/baby sling or a Mei Tai. Relatively a larger baby or a toddler needs to use a structured baby carrier.

Give a trial before purchasing the carrier:
Giving a trial before finally purchase the carrier will allow you to understand, does your carrier really fits on your body or not.

Go to the nearest baby carrier shop and give a trial with few carriers so that you can choose the comfortable one among them.

Practice huge without the empty carrier:
Before holding your baby into the carrier, practice huge with the empty carrier. Frequent practice with the carrier will help you get experienced to hold your baby firmly within the carrier.

Hold your baby correctly:
If your newborn doesn’t have any medical issue, you can carry your newborn in a baby wrap or a sling. According to some famous baby carrier manufacturer, a baby weighing more than 8 to 10 pounds can hold inside the carrier.

A soft structured baby carrier also can carry your newborn baby if you insert an infant insert inside the carrier. There are different baby carrying positions (which I already described above) you can use anyone to suitably carry your baby.

However, to start the carrying position of your newborn baby, wear the carrier at first. Place your baby inside the carrier and secure your baby’s position tightly (but firmly) tying the carrier.

Carefully observe on your baby’s head and neck so that you can avoid any further risk of your baby. Carrying a toddler need to ensure proper leg placement.

Keep your baby’s leg on both sides/either side (depends how you are taking your baby) of your abdomen in a comfortable way.

If it is a soft structured carrier, lift the carrier onto your back holding the straps tightly. While holding the straps, don’t forget to guide your baby angle using your one hand. After then, clip both the straps onto your both shoulder and adjust it as your comfort.

Ensure baby’s security and comfort:
Baby carrying is an important thing rather than a fashion trend. However, while carrying your baby put all the emphasis to carefully look after at your baby comfort and security.
Your baby’s facial expression and body movement will tell you details about it.

Safety precaution to hold the baby in the baby carrier:

 A baby is weighing less than 8-10 pounds, never ready to carry in a baby carrier.
 Before four months passed of your baby, the baby has a soft muscle and nerve at his neck and head. So, when you carry this baby in the carrier, continuously observe the baby’s facial expression along with the baby’s neck position.
 Use an infant insert inside the carrier for your newborn.
 A long time carrying off your baby in one position can force your baby to feel irritated and discomfort. So, change the carrying position to ensure a comfort-carrying of your baby.
 Try to avoid a carrier which consists of a lot of accessories in its body. Those metal or plastic accessories may harm your baby’s soft skin.
 Use a soft and breathable cotton made baby carrier. Stretchy cotton is much better in that case.
 Wash the carrier routinely.
 Before carrying the baby, check the carrier. A little bit of a torn or damaged portion of your baby carrier is much dangerous for your baby. So, avoid this type of carrier immediately.

Final Verdict:

A baby carrier is a must-needed item if you want to carry your baby keeping your both hands free. Whatever! A baby carrier is not only to help you while you are doing other household stuff.

It’s an essential accessory to hold your baby close to your heart, removing all fear to keep your baby out of your sight.

Once you have read how to use a baby carrier, now apply all the knowledge regarding this issue to carry your baby.

So finally, use the sweetest & cutest baby carrier to carry your small angel all-time with you.

Thank you.

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