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The Best Toys For Kids On 2020

We all know that childhood’s most important work is Play! Parents are dwelling over to find the best toys for kids which are made to educate, inspire, kindle the imagination and of course play. So, finding the right toys for your kids is a big deal. It can be overwhelming sometimes because there are thousands of toys in the market and parents need to decide appropriate toys for a specific age. We have categorized the best toys for kids on 2020, whether you are looking for toddler toys or creativity enhancer toys for 5-year-olds, you’ll find the best one that will help to encourage their mental and physical growth.

1. The Best Toys For Your 0-12 Months Kids On 2020

Playtime is a major part of development for your infant. Appropriate toys help to develop their physical, emotional and cognitive growth. Even from an early age when babies do nothing except sleep, eat and poop – they start to learn from the outside environment. So, play with them at that early stage too! All the parents looked for the ‘best of’ everything for the baby including toys. Parents tend to choose simple and safe objects for new babies that encourage open-ended play and physical growth too. Toys like rattles, blocks, and playmats are great choices for the newborn’s development. We’ve shortlisted some best must-have toys for 0-12 months infants

1.1 Action & Toy Figures For 0-12 Months Kids 2020

Action & toy figures are colorful character dolls mostly based on comic books, film, video games or any television fictional characters. These are often made of plastic and usually marketed as a child’s toy. After birth, children from 0-3 months old only see black and white but after 4 months they start to develop the color vision. So, we have listed a colorful action figures for your 0-12 months kids.

best toys for kids on 2020-peppa pig

Babies enjoy their bathing time more if they can play with squeezing toys, soft swim rings, etc. You can use this cute little Peppa pig action figure set for your babies bath time. If you want to teach your child to sit or swim you can use this Peppa pig swim rings. Your babies will love to hold this toy.

  • Cute little squeezing water toys
  • Help to improve your kid’s vision, grasping and brian activity
  • Easy for little hands to hold
  • Swim rings will help to float in water
  • Colorful cute action figure set

Brand Name: PEPPAPIG Model Number: C0568 Material: Silicone Gender: Unisex Size: 8.5cm/7cm/6cm/5.5cm/9cm Packing: Mesh bag Age Range: 0-12 months Features: Water toys

1.2 Baby Rattles For 0-12 Months Kids 2020

Baby rattle is a very popular toy for the amusement of 0-12 months kids. Babies at the age of 3-6 months learn how to grasp toys, they enjoy playing with rattles especially which makes noises. Rattles are not just a toy to play; these provide a great source of stimulation that babies need. Rattle toys help to stimulate the new fine motor skills of babies at the age of 6-9 months. Oftentimes, these toys are made of plastic, cloth or wood and the shape of a rabbit, bear, dog or pig. Some flower-shaped or animal staffed make bell-type sounds when shaken. To a newborn baby, every sound they hear is unique. The sweet jingling sound of rattle toys helps to develop their mental growth as well as soothes their mood.

the best toys for kids on 2020 baby rattles

It’s time to shake things up with cute Cartoon animal Baby Rattle Toys that are suitable for 0-12 months older babies. These are made of soft plush and cotton. These single rattles are very colorful and musical mobile educational toys.

  • 1pcs colorful baby rattle toy
  • Made of plush, cotton
  • Easy for little hands to hold
  • Shake and spin for little noise
  • Made for infants 0-12 months old

Shaper: Cartoon, Animal Commodity material: Cloth Brand: Schnappy Gender: Unisex Size: 16135CM Dimension: 16135CM Feature: Musical Age Range: 0-12 months

1.3 Blocks Toys For 0-12 Months Kids 2020

Block Toys are also known as building blocks or blocks. These are some of the most popular educational toys in the market. Block toys are made of foam, plastic or wooden and in various shapes and colors. Block toys help to develop strength in babies fingers and hands. The first year of an infant is like a milestone. Every day they grow, play, explore and learn. Babies at the age of 0-12 months receive creative stimulation by watching different shapes and color blocks. These also help them to learn how to grasp things, balancing and stacking.

block toys

These are DIY building educational blocks compatible with smooth Legoe toys for kids. With 24 basic colors, 400 pcs of block cubes are very comfortable for your little one to hold. No sharp edges,  made of ABS plastic. These will help your child to practice balancing.

  • 24 color blocks
  • Recommended for babies 0-12 months older
  • Easy to hold
  • Educational Creative Colorful Bricks
  • Smooth Edges

Shaper: Self-Locking Bricks Commodity material: ABS Plastic Brand: APAN SAPIO Gender: Unisex Block Size: Smooth Bricks 1×1 Dots Dimension: 0.8cm x 0.8cm x 0.33cm Quantity: 400PCS Age Range: 0-12 months

1.4 Building & Construction Toys For 0-12 Months Kids 2020

Building & Construction Toys are fun to play and stimulate children’s motor skills, thinking, and imagination. These toys are perfect for all ages and genders. A massive range of shapes and colors are available to satisfy your little one. Children at the age of 0-12 months are mostly attracted by colors, building & construction blocks achieve that needs accurately.

building block toy

Multi-colored Snowflake Building Block sets are educational toys are made of totally non-toxic, eco-friendly plastic material. All the pieces are nicely fit and all edges are smooth and rounded which makes these safe for use by your little one. These toys improve the ability to learn colors and shapes. Besides, 200 pieces of snowflake blocks come with a durable graffiti bag.

  • 200/100 pieces of blocks are available
  • Brand new and high-quality product
  • Totally harmless and eco-friendly, non-smelly and non-toxic toys
  • Develop your kid’s early education
  • Easy to hold for your little one
  • Stimulate kids sensory development
  • Smooth edges and bright colors
  • Shapes contains letters and numbers

Shape: Multi-colored snowflake Commodity material: Eco-friendly Plastic Gender: Unisex Block Size: 3*0.2cm Quantity: 200/100 PCS Age Range: 0-12 months

1.5 Diecasts & Toy Vehicles For 0-12 Months Kids 2020

Die-cast toys are collectible models made by using the die casting process. These toys are made of rubber, plastic, metal or glass. A mold has been used to give the desired shape of toys. Toy vehicles or model vehicles are miniature shaped cars that represent an automobile. Such as miniature cars, trucks, vans, police cars and airplanes. Children love to play with these toy vehicles.

the best toys for kids diecast toy

These cute little mini pullback plastic car toys would be a cool birthday gift for your kids. 5 pieces are in a set and come with multi-colors. Each car is wrapped so these are safe to play at any age.

  • Mini lovely cars with bright colors
  • Transparent toy cars
  • Available in multiple colors – Green, Yellow, Red, Teal, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple & Orange
  • All cars are wrapped

Brand Name: JOCESTYLE Model Number: 96451 Commodity material: ABS Plastic Gender: Unisex Car Size: 5cm Quantity: 5 PCS Age Range: 0-12 months

1.6 Model Building Toys For 0-12 Months Kids 2020

The best gift ideas and educational toys for your kids are the model building toys. Although, 0-12 months kids are not exactly fit in the perfect age range for model building toys. In the market, there is a great selection of basic lego bricks with bright colors and different shapes.

model building toy the best toys for kids

These are 3D Touch Teethers Squeeze Ball Toys, made of soft rubber. Per set contains 10 pieces of blocks in different square patterns and colors. Bath block toys have both educational and entertainment values. Blocks made a unique sound while squeezing.

  • Babies will learn to distinguish between different shapes and beautiful colors. 10 blocks has 10 different colors.
  • Build imagination skills.
  • Get more fun by playing with these in bath
  • Improves babies touch sensation
  • Made of Non-toxic PVC soft rubber material
  • Blocks can float on water
  • Stimulate babies cognitive skill
  • Give 10 different graphics touch feeling

Brand Name: JJOVCE Size:556cm Material: PVC Age group: 6 months and up Gender: Unisex Block Shape: Square

1.7 Movies & TV Toys For 0-12 Months Kids 2020

Many stuffed toys and action figures are based on movies and popular Television shows. For the crawling aged babies, there are several educational tv shows available. Toys from those tv shows are also familiar and visually appealing to the kids. 0-12 months babies need plenty of opportunities to crawl, play, walk and pull up. Movies & TV stuffed toy figures help to enhance baby growth.

stuffed toy-the best toys for kids

Perfect toy kids gift, per set, contains 2 pieces of toy dolls. 19 cm cartoon plush toys George friend pig family. This is a 100% genuine product with a laser anti-counterfeiting label. These toys are made of high-quality soft fabric and fil with PP cotton. The package comes in a nice plastic bag.

  • Peppa pig family party keychain pendant toy
  • 2 pieces in per set
  • 19 cm length ( measured from feet to ear)
  • Made of crystal super soft fabric
  • No smell, no stimulation and non-toxic
  • Smooth feel
  • Good gloss
  • Easily removable hook on the head

Brand Name: PEPPAPIG Material: Plush Size: 19cm/7.4” ,error within 1cm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 0-12 Months Filling: PP Cotton Dimensions: 19C Features: Stuffed & Plush

1.8 Playmats For 0-12 Months Kids 2020

Playmats for kids is a playing surface that is often made of cloth, paper or foam. However, to create a safe playing environment for your little one, the playmat is crucial. Playmats are useful to develop hand-eye coordination and other essential skills. These are available in variety colors, shapes, and sizes. At the age of 3-6 months, kids start to move, crawl and play and they would love the playmat most in this age. A variety range of colors, shapes, materials and sounds playmats help to develop new skills and explore through play.

playmats-the best toys for kids

Soft Floor Baby carpets toy for children to play, suitable from birth to school going kids. These playmats are useful for children’s development. MoShu playmats have soft cushioned floor surfaces perfect for crawling, rolling and tumbling.

  • 100% Brand New Product
  • Soft Rug Floor and super flexible
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Reduce noise
  • Perfect for child’s hand-eye coordination development

Brand Name: MoShu Material: Foam Dimensions: mixed Thickness: 0.5cm Style 1: 21.8m -double-sided printing Style 2: 1.81.2m- double-sided printing Style 3: 1.8*1.2m- single-sided printing Gender: Unisex Age Range: 0-12 Months Features: Educational

1.9 Spinning Tops Toys For 0-12 Months Kids 2020

Spinning top toy is not just suitable as an adult toy; it’s also a child’s toy even for 0-1 months old kids. Basically, it’s a squat shaped and sharp point at the bottom. But spinning top toys which are made for babies so it doesn’t have a sharp bottom. Top toys are made of wood, plastic or metals. Spinning toys for kids are available in beautiful colors and different cartoons, clowns or animal shapes.

spinning top-the best toys for kids

This is a Gyroscope spinning top toy for kids; an early educational toy made of wood. Rotating colorful clown tops helps to develop a child’s movement and hand-eye coordination.

  • High quality and brand new product
  • Beautiful Bright Colors
  • One Gyro Clown in one package
  • Early educational toy

Model Number: GS-ST002 Material: Wood Size: gyro-7cm(random color) Gender: Unisex Age Range: 0-12 Months Feature: Mini Type: Single

1.10 Stuffed & Plush Animals Toys For 0-12 Months Kids 2020

Stuffed toys are also known as plush toys, stuffies, and stuffed animals, etc. Stuffed toys are mostly cartoon or animal character faced dolls made of smooth, flexible fur type material. Filled with cotton or foam inside. Popular stuffed toys are shaped in teddy bears, cats, dinosaurs, penguins or unicorn celestials. These are also called cuddly toys or soft toys in Australia and Britain.

stuffed toy-the best toys for kids

These cute little sized stuffed kitty toys are one of the best toys for kids. Plush super soft toys would be a great gift for kids as well as friends and other family members. These could be used as a small pendant or key rings.

  • 100% Brand New and High-quality Product
  • Super Soft and Very Cute faced cat
  • The toy comes in a tightly packed
  • 1 Doll Toy per package

Brand Name: LipLasting Animals: Cat/Rabbit Material: Cotton Filling: PP Cotton Size: 12 cm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 0-12 Months Feature: Stuffed & Plush Type: Animal

1.11 Toys & Dolls For 0-12 Months Kids 2020

Mini dolls and toys would be a great treat for your babies. Oftentimes, these dolls and toys are made of non-toxic plastic, cotton or foam. Dolls are mostly shaped like popular cartoon characters.

toys & dolls-the best toys for kids

5pcs 8cm mini Korean doll toys. These are super cute to hang in a baby cradle. Adults also use these dolls as a key pendant. Dolls are available in various colors. Adorable dolls are wearing nice dresses and shoes.

  • Mini Doll pendant
  • 5 pieces in one set
  • Cute faced dolls
  • Soft and safe

Brand Name: FoPcc Model Number: 635 Dimensions: 8cm Material: Cloth Gender: Unisex Age Range: 0-12 Months Features: Mini Type: Interactive Fashion Dolls

2. The Best Toys For Your 13-24 Months Kids On 2020

At the age of 13-24 months; toddlers reach the stage of development milestones. They start to walk, even climbing on furniture or stairs and running. This is a very busy and active period for them. Toddlers become curious about everything they see, touch and feel. Strats to learn about shapes, colors, sizes, and names. This is the perfect age to play with them using colorful blocks, rattles or model building toys. There are several educational toys available in the market; which will entertain them for hours as well as support your toddler’s development. We have found the best toys for kids on 2020 to buy for 13-24 months kids’.

2.1 Action & Toy Figures For 13-24 Months Kids 2020

Toddlers start to mumble words and names at this age. Playing with action and toy figures will help them to find the similarities between toys and learn about different toy figures and animals.


If the little one loves to watch ‘Paw Patrol’, a Canadian animated cartoon show; get them these toy figures. They will definitely love this one. It’s the most amazing looking cute little action toy figures of Captain Ryder. Each set comes in seven pieces of paw soldier. These would be great gift toys for a baby boy; especially if he loves to watch action animated cartoons like paw patrol in videos.

  • It’s very realistic
  • Perfect sized and soft
  • Beautiful colored soldier toy figure

Brand Name: Paw Patrol Model Number: 635 Size: M Dimensions: 3-7cm Scale: 1/60 Material: PVC Gender: Unisex Age Range: 13-24 Months Features: Soldier Set Type: Interactive Fashion Dolls

2.2 Baby Rattles For 13-24 Months Kids 2020

Baby rattles are a great source of entertainment for your little one. Rattles are brightly colored and make sounds and noises when shaken. It helps them to become more curious and alert to sounds. They will turn around in the right direction where the rattles noises. Rattles with a pushed button will teach your toddler cause and effect. They will learn to push a button and play music, lights on rattles. Rattles are the best toys of all time for 13-24 year old toddlers. It’s also very entertaining for a toddler and helps to keep your child busy and happy all day.

baby rattle

It’s a very entertaining and brightly colored cartoon faced rattle toy. It makes sweet crinkle noises while shaken. These soft little rattle toys are good for your toddlers to grasp reflex. It’s cute bee cartoon face and noises will keep your toddler busy for hours.

  • Cute bee faced cartoon
  • High quality and brand new product
  • Perfect size and very soft
  • Beautiful colored

Brand Name: Paw Patrol Model Number: AHTF266 Size: Little Dimensions: 9cm*10.5cm Material: Plastic Type: ABS Gender: Unisex Age Range: 13-24 Months Sound: Yes

2.3 Blocks Toys For 13-24 Months Kids 2020

Block toys help your toddlers to be creative, physically active, open-minded and imaginative. It’s an educational toy along with great entertainment value. They stimulate toddlers motor skills and hand-eye coordination by holding and playing with various shapes and color blocks.

block toys

These are beautiful colored cartoon animals fruit blocks with different shapes that help to entertain your toddler in a great way. Per set has 26 pieces of blocks in it. These block toys help to boost the kid’s imagination power and creativity. The various shapes of blocks and colors make it easy to introduce your toddler to shapes and colors as they assemble with them. Blocks sizes are so perfect for toddlers so they can easily hold the blocks with their little hands. This is the best learning resource toy for 1-year-old.

  • Blocks are in perfect shape for toddlers hand to hold
  • High quality and brand new product
  • Beautiful bright colors block
  • Stimulate toddler’s creativity and imagination skill
  • Very entertaining and educational toy
  • Blocks come in PE or bubble bag
  • Toddler will learn to put blocks in a thread

Brand Name: JOKEKOLLY Block Size: Little Material: Wood Gender: Unisex Age Range: 13-24 Months Type: Cartoon, Animal, Fruits block

2.4 Model Building Toys For 13-24 Months Kids 2020

Model building is an exciting toy for toddlers who love to play with blocks and shapes. Playing with model building toys helps to improve cognitive skills and learn about spaces. These model building toys improve kids’ creativity and give a better understanding of the size, length, and height. Various color blocks cultivate kids color awareness.

building block

This is a very educational model building block toy for toddlers that develops imagination and creativity. It helps to build kids’ perception of color and cognition of shapes. These soft foam blocks are easy to hold and very safe to play with even when parents are not around. This toy set contains 50 blocks so it’s enough for more than one kid to play.

  • Safe for kids
  • Easy to grasp the blocks
  • Beautiful colors
  • Great way to develop creativity and imagination skill
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Blocks come in a nice plastic bag
  • Very entertaining and educational toy
  • Helps to develop parents- child bonding

Brand Name: Infant Shining Model Number:zl039 Block Thickness: 5cm Material: EVA Gender: Unisex Age Range: 13-24 Months Type: Blocks

2.5 Movies & TV Toys For 13-24 Months Kids 2020

Kids love to watch cartoons, animated tv shows, and series. There are many educational animated shows available on television. Those shows help to develop children’s speaking and listening skills. Toddlers learn the alphabets, fruit names, color names or many other different activities from those television cartoon shows.

action toy

If you are a parent of a 13-24 months kid, you must be familiar with this popular animated television show named ‘Paw patrol’. Children love this show because of its police work-related action, exciting sounds, and costumes. These Plush doll toy sets would be a great birthday gift for your kids. This toy is one of the most appropriate toys to recognize various characters and their purposes.

  • Super soft and safe for kids
  • Cute paw patrol dogs in costumes
  • Nice colors
  • Perfect as a birthday gift
  • Improve kids imagination and hand-eye coordination

Brand Name: Paw Patrol Dimension; 12-20 cm Material: PPCotton Filling: PP Cotton Gender: Unisex Age Range: 13-24 Months Type: Plush Toy

2.6 Playmats For 13-24 Months Kids 2020

Playmats are the most ideal toy for babies and toddlers. At the age of 13-24 months, toddlers spend most of their time playing and learning new skills from the environment. Playmats are the best educational toys for babies. Its educational value helps them to build cognitive skills and muscle development.

model building toy

Large City is a wonderful playmat that represents city life, traffic, and parks. Your kids can use other toys like cars, dolls to play with this playmat. It can be used to keep your toddler distracted while you are feeding. The mat is waterproof in canvas material. This is a very large mat where children can place lots of vehicles, toy houses, and trees. The mat comes with lots of little toy cars and 28 pieces of traffic signs.

  • High Quality and brand new product
  • Large waterproof playmat
  • Develop parent-child bonding through playing with this
  • Portable toy
  • Stimulate kids motor skill and hand-eye coordination

Brand Name: Paw Patrol Dimension: 130*100 cm Thickness: .05 cm Material: Canvas Gender: Unisex Age Range: 13-24 Months Type: City Traffic Playmat Feature: Waterproof

2.7 Spinning Tops Toys For 13-24 Months Kids 2020

Babies are curious about anything and everything! Spinning toys feeds babies’ curious minds properly. It moves, makes a sound; sometimes it has lights on it. So, this toy has all the prominent features to attract a kid. Spinning top toy is perfect to develop babies sensory system and motor skills.

spinning top toy

This wood flip spinning top toy is a brand new and high-quality product that comes in bright colors which helps to attract kids’ attention. It will help to keep your child busy for hours as they play with it and chase it. Your little one will love to chase it and be entertained and it’s a completely safe toy, made with non-toxic material.

  • Super attractive colors
  • Suitable as a small gifts and birthday gifts toys
  • Made with non-toxic, safe and environment-friendly material
  • Portable
  • Interesting new style and design gyroscopes
  • Flips immediately after spinning

Brand Name: OOTDTY Size: 3.5cm , 3cm, 3cm Material: Wood Quantity: 3 PCS Gender: Unisex Age Range: 13-24 Months Feature: Mini Type: Set

2.8 Stuffed & Plush Animals Toys For 13-24 Months Kids 2020

Stuffed plush toys are not just toys, kids become emotionally attached with their favourite stuffed toys. Almost every kid builds memories with their stuffed toys. Toddlers love to hold little stuffed toys, kiss them, hug them or even sleep by holding them in arms. These toys help to improve empathy, emotion and childhood memories.

stuffed toy

Metoo Koala bag stuffed plush toys are adorable. This is a super cute-faced, soft and cozy stuffed toy; it also can be used as a small purse. Your baby girl can carry their cute little stuff in it. Amazing cute faces and awesome color makes it more attractive.

  • Super-Cute faced Koala Bag
  • Beautiful and High-quality toy
  • Suitable as a small gifts
  • Super soft
  • Made with cotton and foam
  • Portable small purse
  • Nicely stitched

Brand Name: Metoo Model Number: 9162 Material: Plush Filling: PP Cotton Size: 18 cm Quantity: 1 piece Gender: Unisex Age Range: 13-24 Months Feature: Mini Type: Small pendant Animals: Koala

2.9 Toys & Dolls For 13-24 Months Kids 2020

Kids love to play with toys and dolls. They love to give names and characters to their dolls and play with them. Playing with several roles and character dolls; organizing them in a house helps to teach your kids responsibility. Various textures, colors, and roles toy dolls are available in the market to entertain your little one’s mind.

toys & dolls

These are cute-faced, bright-colored soft mini-dolls. Dolls come in various colors, easily attractive.

  • Cute mini wedding decoration dolls
  • Beautiful color
  • Best toys for toddlers for Christmas, Birthdays
  • Super soft

Brand Name: Santtiwodo Model Number: ZHQW167 Material: Latex Filling: PP Cotton Size: 12 cm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 13-24 Months Feature: Mini Type: Fashion Doll Color: Pink, Red, RoseRed, Purple, Blue

3. The Best Toys For Your 2-4 Years Kids On 2020

In order to choose the best toys for 2-4 years kids, you have to understand that at this age they’re most prone to sorting building games, running around, kicking balls and playing with other children. So, it is crucial for parents to consider the active developmental benefits of a toy. According to some research, it is proven that toy selection effects on children’s behaviors and social interactions. Best toys will foster all development stages including social interactions, communication and language skills, cognitive skills and motor skills. Finding the right toys for 2-4 years boys and girls could be an uphill task for parents. Therefore, we have shortlisted 10 best toys for 2-4 years kids which will match kids’ interests and helps them to learn something new. Don’t forget to check out our other toy guides for 5-7 years, 8-11 years, 12-15 years and grownups!

3.1 Action & Toy Figures For 2-4 Years Kids 2020

2-4 years kids love to carry their favourite action and toy figures. They even take these toys in preschool, play with their friends. Most of their favourite action & toy figures are replicas of cartoon characters.

best toys

This action figure is not just a toy to hold and carry, kid’s can shoot balls on zombies which increase the entertainment value of this toy. Little plant shaped bazookas are available in 26 different styles. Each set comes with three balls.

  • Cute mini plant vs zombies toy
  • Perfect for kids who love to shoot balls
  • Suitable as a birthday gifts
  • Package comes in OOP bag

Model Number: 0296 Material: PVC Size: 8 cm Dimensions: 8 – 10 cm / 3.2-3.9 inch Gender: Unisex Age Range: 13-24 Months Feature: Mini Puppets Type: Model

3.2 Blocks Toys For 2-4 Years Kids 2020

Block toys have several development benefits for your kids. Such as –

Physical Development: Block toys need fingers and hands movement which build strength. Block also helps to educate alphabets, color names and shapes.

Social Development: Block toys benefit children’s social skills by encouraging them to play with friends and cooperate. These help to improve creativity and group work activity.

Intellectual benefits: Children can develop vocabularies as well as math skills by learning adding, grouping, subtracting figures and shapes.

best block toy

Suitable for 2-4 years little girls and boys, this perfect building block set is both entertaining and educational toys. These colorful building block toys are a nice gift your little kids will like. Building blocks are the best preschool toys for your kids. They will love to collect all the pieces and build a house, front yard, etc. This toy is best for improving babies’ imagination and creativity skills. Your kids will learn about colors and shapes.

  • Colorful building blocks
  • Blocks are various colors and shapes
  • Suitable as birthday gifts or small gifts
  • 100% High Quality and Brand new Product

Brand Name: LMKJ Model Number: 1 Material: Plastic Plastic Type: ABS Gender: Unisex Age Range: 2-4 Years Type: Self-Locking Bricks

3.3 Building & Construction Toys For 2-4 Years Kids 2020

Based on my personal experience, I can say that 2-4 years kids love to stay busy and active. This is a great way to teach your kids how to solve puzzles and create something new. Building & construction toys awakening the creativity of your little one. Kid’s concentration and attention span will increase by engaging to solve puzzles and building a toy set.

building block toy

This is a great Creative 3D puzzle building block toy to boost your kid’s visual cognitive skill, stimulate thinking ability and improve hand-eye coordination. These Mosaic puzzle drill toys could be very unique gifts for little girls and boys. It features different building block shapes, nice bright colors, and smooth, and safe surfaces. The block set comes with a two-way simulation electric drill but don’t be afraid; it only runs on battery, lower speed and totally safe for your kid’s hand. The whole toy set comes in a storage box which will help to teach your child storage habits. All the pieces are shaped in smooth edges and no burrs.

  • High Quality, Brand new Creative Product
  • Durable
  • 3D creative mosaic puzzle set
  • High-Quality Abs material is used
  • Smooth edges so it’s totally safe for your kids to play
  • Easy to understand
  • Develop a habit of storage
  • Comes in two style storage boxes and awesome appearance
  • Build-in non-toxic environment-friendly material
  • Boost kid’s cognitive skill and hand-eye coordination

Brand Name: Supstem Model Number: 1 Material: High-Quality ABS Plastic Gender: Unisex Age Range: 2-4 Years Theme: Transportation Number of Blocks: 100-300pcs Type: Drill screw nut

3.4 Diecasts & Toy Vehicles For 2-4 Years Kids 2020

History suggests that 2-4 years kids, especially boys, are crazy about diecast toy vehicles. Kids at this age closely follow television cartoon shows and other kids toys. As a result, they want the exact same toys for them too if it attracts them a lot.

diecast toy

These die-cast tractor car model vehicle toys would be a perfect birthday gift or Christmas gift for your little kid. It is a farm series edition tractor, available in various attractive colors. Vehicle sizes are suitable for kids to carry with them anywhere and play.

  • 100% Brand New and High Quality Product
  • Durable
  • 1 Tractor Truck
  • Available in various bright colors and textures
  • Easily attracts kids attention
  • Portable

Brand Name: Coolplay Model Number: N06/1072B Barcode number: N06 Material: Plastic & Metal Gender: Unisex Age Range: 2-4 Years Theme: Tractor Size: Farmer Truck:Blue: 16.6 x 5cm; Red: 15.8 x 5cm; Yellow: 15.8 x 5cm; Green:12.7 x 5cm. Feature: Alloy die-cast car model

3.5 Model Building Toys For 2-4 Years Kids 2020

Model building toys are ideal for kids at this age. They like to play both indoors and outdoors; love to carry the model toy with them while playing with their friends. Model building toys are one of the most popular cool toys for boys and girls. These toys are not just for entertainment toys; toys help to build connections with other kids and boost communication and social skills.

best toy

This excavator fire truck model toy will be fun as indoor and outdoor games. Playing with this toy will improve their fine motor skill, social and communication skills. Also, this toy is very educational as your child has to work on puzzle pieces to put them together and build a fire truck. It will keep them active for hours.

  • High-Quality Product
  • Very durable and safe to use by little kids
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of high quality and eco-friendly material
  • Smooth edges
  • Easy to understand the puzzles
  • Suitable for birthday gifts, Christmas gift
  • Bright colors small cars

Brand Name: LMKJ Material: High Quality ABS Plastic Gender: Unisex Age Range: 2-4 Years Theme: Fire Truck Type: Self-locking blocks

3.6 Movies & TV Toys For 2-4 Years Kids 2020

Toys that resemble movies and television shows are always desirable to kids. Animated cartoon shows, Disney movies all are very popular among kids. Kids like to carry these movie toy figures with them all the time. They play with it indoors or even outdoors.

toy doll

Disney plush animal toys have been super popular among kids for years. Children love Disney shows; they love to visit Disney World, spending time with Disney characters. These Disney plush toys will be a great choice as a birthday gift or as a small treat for them.

  • 100% High-Quality Product
  • Super soft and cute
  • Comes in bright colors
  • Made of high quality and eco-friendly material
  • Most of the popular Disney characters are available

Brand Name: Disney Material: Cotton Filling: PP Cotton Size: 15-18 cm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 2-4 Years Theme: Disney Mickey Minnie Winnie Pooh Warning: Keep away from fire

3.7 Spinning Tops Toys For 2-4 Years Kids 2020

Spinning top toys are exciting games; little boys like top toys the most. These are exciting, fun and interesting games that easily attract kids’ attention. Playing with spinning top toys help kids to exercise hand-on ability and hand-eye coordination.

top toy

Colorful flashing luminous Gyroscope spinning toy is a suitable toy for those kids who like excitement as well as fun. This is a classic Gyro toy. The best feature is that it glows while spinning. The toy comes in beautiful bright colors.

  • 100% High-Quality Product
  • Brilliant colors luminescent toy
  • Toys are nicely shaped and bright colors
  • Improve parent-child bonding
  • Increase kids attention and hand-eye coordination
  • Smooth corners and edges
  • Easily move on various types of floors
  • Very durable and safe to use

Product Name: Pressed Luminescent Gyro Material: Plastic Filling: PP Cotton Weight: 20 g Size: About 9.5*5.5 cm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 2-4 Years Theme: High-speed rotation toy

3.8 Stickers Toys For 2-4 Years Kids 2020

Children love to put stickers on anything from their favorite cartoon characters. They set stickers on walls, doors, school bags, fridge or even their beds. Stickers have been used by kids of all ages from 3-18 years.


These Disney Frozen Princess sticker sheets are a super favourite among little girls. Even pre-school going girls love to put these stickers on their school bag, notebook or as a room decor. These are high-quality 3D stickers in bright beautiful colors where princess Anna and Elsa look perfectly nice as the animated character.

  • 100% brand new and high-quality product
  • Brilliant colors
  • Comes in 12 sheets
  • Stickers are ideal to use in notebook, planner or room decoration
  • Perfect as a small gift for kids

Brand Name: Disney Material: PVC Size: 17*7cm (6 Sheets in each set) Height: 7-17cm Diameter: 7-17cm Weight: 0.05g Gender: Unisex Age Range: 2-4 Years Packaging Material: OPP bag Type: Stickers

3.9 Stuffed & Plush Animals Toys For 2-4 Years Kids 2020

Stuffed toys are cute little, soft and nicely shaped doll toys. I used to love my stuffed toy and carry it with me wherever I go! I am sure your kids will love stuffed toys too. So, without any hesitation, you can gift your kid with a doll stuffed toy.

rainbow toy

These are super cute unicorn plush toys, suitable for kids 2-4 years. Nice colors, mini animal pendant. They can also be attached to bags.

  • 100% brand new and high-quality product
  • Cute and very nice colors
  • Suitable for party, handbag or car keychain
  • Very soft and safe to use

Material: Plush, PP Cotton Size: 14cm*9cm Height: 5cm Weight: 0.02kg Gender: Unisex Age Range: 2-4 Years Colors: Four colors Type: Keychain

3.10 Toys & Dolls For 2-4 Years Kids 2020

Little kids love to spend time playing with toys and dolls, imagining a house and some characters like father, mothers, child, etc. They spend time playing with house sets or kitchen sets. Your child will be delighted to get a toy set as a gift.

toys doll

This is a family doll set that is available in four model sets. It comes in father, mother, little kid and a kid in stroller. By playing with this set; children will learn the value of family. This will improve parent-child bonding. Dolls are in good shape and super cute. The whole set comes with lots of kids accessories, bed, stroller, cycle.

  • 100% brand new and high quality product
  • Real looking family, kid and a pregnant mom
  • Suitable as a birthday gift set
  • Nice colors toy dolls
  • Made with non-toxic material

Brand Name: VICIVIYA Material: ABS Plastic Dimensions: 30cm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 2-4 Years Model: Four Models Type: Baby Dolls Feature 3:Family 6 People Dolls Suits/Family 5 People Dolls Suits/2 Wedding Doll

4. The Best Toys For Your 5-7 Years Kids On 2020

Are you a parent of 5-7 years old kids? You must be thinking, God; time flies so fast. Our tiny little kid is growing up fast and he/she isn’t interested anymore in their old toys! But playing is still a vital element in your kid’s life as playing helps to develop their cognitive skill, communication, and social skills. At the age of 5, they enter a new social phase. They are not anymore in preschool, now they enter kindergarten, and start to understand other’s views. We have sampled the best toys for 5-7 years, kids, to buy in 2020. These toys are not just affordable and attractive, they stimulate your kid’s creativity and imagination.

4.1 Action & Toy Figures For 5-7 Years Kids 2020

Action & toy figures become a part of their style at the age of 5-7 years old kid’s. They like to show their favourite toy figures to their friends and classmates. Kids like to collect lots of action figures from their favourite television shows, cartoon, and animated series characters. The action figures may be a child’s toy but it has become popular as a collectible item for adults too.

action toy

If your child loves to watch paw patrol shows; they will love this cute summer caps printed paw patrol characters in the front and plain blank color in the back. These caps are suitable for 2-10 years old kids. Material is very comfortable to use.

  • 100% brand new and high-quality product
  • High-quality material; 100% cotton
  • Very comfortable for summertime use
  • Adjustable head circumference for all ages
  • Comes in various eye-catchy colors

Brand Name: Paw Patrol Material: Flannel Dimensions: 52-54 cm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 5-7 Years

4.2 Blocks Toys For 5-7 Years Kids 2020

Block toys stimulate creativity, cognitive skill and imagination skill of your kids. So, you should pick a block toy set as a birthday gift for your 5-7 years old kids. Block toys keep their mind busy or hours, helps them brainstorm. We have listed below an attractive, innovative block toy set for your kids. Block toys are one of the best toys for kids on 2020 to buy for your 5-7 years boys and girls.

the best toys for kids on 2020

These 32 piece city boys, girls, policemen, and engineer block toy sets help to enhance community values in kids. They will understand various roles, responsibilities and city life. There are enough toys to play with other kids. It helps to boost creativity, collaboration, and fine motor skill.

  • High-quality product
  • Made of non-toxic quality material
  • Very attractive
  • Toys are available in a variety of impressive colors

Brand Name: JIMITU Model Number: Ba~32pcs-City Material: ABS Plastic Dimensions: 52-54 cm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 5-7 Years Type: DIY toy, building block sets

4.3 Building & Construction Toys For 5-7 Years Kids 2020

Building & construction toys are known to boost cognitive and social skills. This toy also evokes a creative mind. This is not just a toy for a child, even parents also join to solve the puzzles; it will help to increase the bonding between parents and children.

building & construction

Paradise house building toys are designed for both boys and girls to enhance their creativity and spatial thinking. This toy set is not only affordable but also attractive and fun. The toy set comes in beautiful color puzzle blocks. There are no rough edges; totally safe for kids to play.

  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Made of non-toxic, durable plastic
  • Very attractive colors
  • Enhances social and communication skills

Product Name: House Building Blocks Product Model: WJ20160303012 Material: ABS Plastic Product Color: Random Gender: Unisex Age Range: 5-7 Years Product Package: OPP Bag

4.4 Diecasts & Toy Vehicles For 5-7 Years Kids 2020

These kinds of diecast toys are great fun for 5-7 years, old boys and girls. All the dull moments can be replaced with this toy. Children love to play with toys which are very similar to real-life cars, motor vehicles. Robots are also a desirable toy among kids. To help parents find a super cool diecast toy, here’s our top suggestion below.

diecast toy

Who doesn’t like robots, right? I am sure your little one will love to play with this transformation robot toy. How can you be sure? Just notice if they love transformer movie series, video games! Then they will be delighted to get this robot toy. This toy is available in many colors. It can be easily transformed as a mini car or a robot toy.

  • 100% Brand New Product.
  • Comes in various attractive colors
  • Can transform as a car or a robot

Material: Plastic Plastic Type: PC Product Color: Random Gender: Unisex Age Range: 5-7 Years Type: Car

4.5 Model Building Toys For 5-7 Years Kids 2020

Model building toys are fun, interesting and educational. These toys are great to stimulate kids brain development, cognitive skill, imagination, and creativity. Today, we have found an interesting but totally different kind of model building toy for you.

block toy

This is a new and interesting one. You can give your kids 50 pieces of wooden popsicle sticks, those are available in so many bright colors as well as wooden color. Almost anything can be built by those popsicle sticks such as colorful toy houses, photo frames, river dock, wooden boxes, etc. These toys will boost your kids’ creative brain, they will try to make new things with those sticks.

  • Suitable as a funny gift for children’s birthday, baby shower, etc.
  • Comes in all bright natural and assorted colors
  • 50 pieces ice cream stick

Brand Name: KINYOUBI Material: Wooden Size:9.3cm x 0.9cm x 0.2cm /3.66inch x 0.35inch x 0.08inch. Product Color: Colorful, Natural Wood Color Gender: Unisex Age Range: 5-7 Years Type: Building Blocks

4.6 Movies & TV Toys For 5-7 Years Kids 2020

By this age, your kids probably know all the favourite television movies, animated shows, anime series names. They surely like to play with their favourite movie character toys.

movies & tv

If you are a parent of 5-7 years old kids you should closely follow their favourite television shows and animated series. Because this series will give you an idea of ‘which gift you should pick for their birthday. Does your kid like to watch ‘How To Train Your Dragon’? Then, they will definitely love Toothless. You can choose this cute Dragon plush toy as a birthday gift. These are available in various sizes.

  • Cute, soft dragon plush toy
  • Suitable as a gift for birthday, new year, Christmas gift, etc.
  • Balck and white toothless dragon toy
  • Available in four sizes

Brand Name: Feromey Model Number: light Fury Material: Cotton Filling: PP Cotton Size:25cm/35cm/45cm/60cm Product Color: Black, White Gender: Unisex Age Range: 5-7 Years Type: Movie & TV

4.7 RC Helicopters Toys For 5-7 Years Kids 2020

Every flying toy is a kids dream toy. Induction flying toy, remote control flying toy or a drone would be a great gift for your child. These toys stimulate a child’s balancing, teamplay skills. Flying a helicopter toy needs concentration and balancing skills. Here’s our best-picked drone helicopter toy recommended for your 5-7 years, old kids.

This is the most affordable flying helicopter RC drone with performance. It flies without a remote control. It is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic material and the upper top has a mesh barrier which makes it resistant to damage. The toy has a built-in LED light. The active sensory system is installed around the toy. This mini UFO drone has great entertainment value.

  • 100% brand new and high-quality toy
  • Suitable as a gift for birthday, new year, Christmas gift, etc.
  • It has a flexible barrier
  • The sensory system will activate while facing any obstacle and the drone will fly very high
  • Comes in three bright colors
  • Super easy to fly around
  • No batteries needed

Material: ABS Plastic Size: 11 * 11 * 6 cm Colour: Red, blue, gold. Charging time: 30 minutes Flight time: about 5-8 minutes Product Color: Black, White Gender: Unisex Age Range: 5-7 Years Features: Flight induction

4.8 Spinning Tops Toys For 5-7 Years Kids 2020

This is like a cool game for 5-7 years old kids. They will arrange a battlefield with spinning top toys and try to win over others. Spinning top toys are the most popular among boys. Here is the top spinning top toy idea for your 5-7 years kids.

spinning top toy

This Baybladed Burst spinning top toy has a super cool texture and a nice launcher. You just have to put the top toy into the launcher and pull the blade to launch the top. The top toy comes in various colors.

  • High-Quality Product.
  • Suitable as a birthday gift, new year and Christmas gift
  • Shiny bright colors toys
  • Available in various colors

Brand Name: SIKOMOLE Model Number: JJ-A-4 Material: Metal Colors: Red,Blue,White,Black,Green,Orange,Gray Diameter: About 4cm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 5-7 Years Features: Mini

4.9 Stickers Toys For 5-7 Years Kids 2020

Scrapbooking Stickers are fun to use in school bags, laptops, notebooks, luggage or car doors. Stickers are not just popular among kids, teenagers and grownups, are also crazy about stickers. Animated characters, anime or cute character stickers are very popular. If you want to buy sticker toys for your kids; here’s our best suggestion below.


These are 50 classic Lilo Stitch cute cartoon stickers you can get in a super affordable range.

  • High-Quality Product.
  • Suitable as a birthday gift, new year and Christmas gift
  • Bright colors stickers

Brand Name: Andralyn Model Number: 114 Length: 5cm Weight: 30g Gender: Unisex Age Range: 5-7 Years Features: Sticker

4.10 Stuffed & Plush Animals Toys For 5-7 Years Kids 2020

Whether a child or an adult; everyone loves to cuddle a plush doll. Today’s kids are obsessed with phones, tablets, and computers. That’s why every caring parent is searching for a way to minimize their kid’s digital screen time. Stuffed toys can give kids the comfort and space from digitized life. Here’s one of the best recommended plush toys for your 5-7 years kids below.

stuffed doll

This super soft and fluffy stuffed plush toy can be a comforting gift or can be used as a warmer blanket in cold. Pig stuffed dolls come in two gorgeous colors and sizes. This attractive and affordable plush toy is just the perfect item to buy for your kid.

  • High-Quality Product
  • Squishy super soft cute-faced pig plush toy
  • Can be used as a hand warmer

Brand Name: Hanmolf Model Number: HM012007 Material: Plush Filling: PP Cotton Size(±2cm error): 40cm/50cm/60cm/75cm/110cm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 5-7 Years Features: Stuffed & Plush

4.11 Toys & Dolls For 5-7 Years Kids 2020

Most of the 5-7 years girls love to play with dolls, dollhouses. They like to follow the Barbie doll’s hairstyle, dress up, shoes, etc. If your kid’s dollhouse needs a pregnant mom doll to complete the empty role of a family, here’s our recommended toy doll for you:

toys & dolls

This is an educational real looking pregnant mom doll with a baby in her tummy! So, basically it’s two dolls in there. Baby doll in the belly is about 6cm and mom doll is about 29cm. Mom doll is wearing a stylish outfit and heels, looking really pretty! She would be a great member of your kid’s happy doll family.

  • New and High-Quality Product
  • Real pregnant doll carrying a baby in her baby bump
  • Stylish Barbie doll toy

Brand Name: papabasi Model Number: er027 Material: Plastic Size: Mom doll 11.4inch (29cm); Baby doll 2.4inch (6cm) Gender: Unisex Age Range: 5-7 Years Type: Baby Dolls Features: Barbie Cartoon

5. The Best Toys For Your 8-11 Years Kids On 2020

Finding a toy for an 8-11 years old boy or girl is more challenging than ever. Because at this age they already have a solid perception about what toy they want or what toy they don’t want. There are lots of different toys options available for 8-11 years boys and girls – educational toys, action figure toys, game consoles toys, block toys or any sports-related toys. This wide range of types opens up the possibilities to find a great gift for your child. At the same time, you can choose a gift toy for your kids which will inspire them and help further their brain development, cognitive skill, and social skill. Here are some ideas of the best toys for kids on 2020 for your 8-11 years .

5.1 Action & Toy Figures For 8-11 Years Kids 2020

At this age, your kids probably like to watch action movies, cartoons or anime series. Well if they do, then they are already crazy about their favourite action figure toys. Action figures sometimes become their role model. They carry their action figures into friends gathering, parties or even playfield. These action figures roles inspire them on so many levels. They like to follow their roles, costumes, hairstyles, etc. Here’s one action figure toy suggestion for you. If your child loves to watch anime series; they will surely love it.

action toys

20 super cool anime style cards from the Japanese manga series Yu-Gi-Oh! This animated series is very popular for adventure, fantasy loving boys. These cards contain all the major characters from this manga series. This game will keep your child’s mind busy for hours and help in brainstorming.

  • 100% High-Quality Product
  • Super fun game as well as improves brainstorming ability
  • Stylish, cool manga series cards

Brand Name: XINTOCH Model Number: Yu-Gi-Oh! By Animation Source: Japan Dimensions: 8.6*5.9cm Material: Paper Gender: Boys Age Range: 8-11 Years Soldier Accessories: Soldier Set Featured Cards: Exodia, Egyptian God, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician

5.2 Blocks Toys For 8-11 Years Kids 2020

Block toys are a great choice for this age kids. This toy sparks imagination, creativity skill and evoke planning, building ability. Block sets come in lots of pieces that encourage kids to play in groups. It enhances kids’ social and communication skills. Children make friends easily by playing with this toy. The sets are also portable, they can carry all the blocks in a bag. It gives them options to play anywhere indoor or outdoors; even they can carry the set to their friend’s house. Here’s our suggestion for a block set toy for your 8-11 years daughter who loves Disney Frozen movies!

elsa castle

Elsa’s Castle Block set is one of the most popular block set toys among girls that allows children to bring their imagination into life. It comes in 731 pieces and an instruction booklet. Your kid can now build Elsa’s magical castle which glows! Elsa’s castle is one of the best toys for kids on 2020; as Frozen movies become popular again on 2019. The block set uses non-toxic plastic and BPA free which makes it totally safe for kids to play. This is a suitable gift for Christmas or birthday; the whole package brings versatile and fun toys.

  • High-Quality Product and Brand New Product
  • Suitable as a birthday gift, new year and Christmas gift
  • Made os non-toxic plastic
  • Block set to be used by creative children from 8+ years
  • Comes with instruction books

Brand Name: FENLE Model Number: compatible with legoings friends figures Material: ABS Plastic Blocks: 731 PCS Gender: Girls Age Range: 8-11 Years Features: Blocks

5.3 Building & Construction Toys For 8-11 Years Kids 2020

The main purpose of building & construction toys is to enhance children’s brain activity, creativity, and imagination power. Building toys has always been fun. These toys are for boys and girls who love to build something new, exciting and creative. These are one of the best educational toys for 10 year olds. Building toys help to increase the concentration span. Parents can also help to build models with kids which develops parent-child bonding stronger. They get to spend time together as well as having fun.

building blocks

This Lego construction set has always been super fun to play with. Over 1000 pieces are available in this set by which our kids can build 25 different styles of warship toys. The building set is recommended for kids who are highly interested in the Lego building set. For many kids, this is much more than a building & construction toy as they can build new models and bring their imagination in life. 8 boxes and 3 changes of lego design are available in this toy set. Your kids will have fun with a 180° rotating large fit turret with a helicopter. The set is made of environmentally friendly non-toxic ABS plastic and no burr; so it’s completely safe for children to use.

  • High quality and popular product
  • Suitable as a birthday gift, new year and Christmas gift
  • Made with quality pieces
  • Over 1000+details pieces
  • Lego set to be used by creative children from 8+ years
  • Comes with instruction books
  • Set is large enough for many kids to play
  • Durable pieces
  • No burr; safe to play for kids

Model Number: 63006 Material: ABS Plastic Blocks: 1000+ PCS Gender: Unisex Age Range: 8-11 Years Theme: Military Features: Blocks

5.4 Diecasts & Toy Vehicles For 8-11 Years Kids 2020

Diecasts vehicles are made of a die casting method which is putting alloy or plastic in a mold to give a particular shape. Most toy vehicles in the market are diecasting from popular vehicle model brands. Children at this age love to play with original looking diecast toy vehicles. They prefer the replicas of top car brands and motorbike brands like- Ford GT, Honda, Kawasaki, Benz or police and military cars. At this age, children are learning from the environment, so they want to search for the resemblance of real life in toy’s world also.

racing motor

Maisto motorbike is a highly demanding, gorgeous looking toy vehicle which is super popular among 8-11 years of kid’s. This toy motorcycle is a replica of the Maisto 1:18 2018 Ducati Desmosedici model. Maisto brands motorbike is available in various nice colors. Most parents consider this diecast toy as one of the best toys for kids on 2020. Your kid will get the fun of holding a real looking racing motorcycle that has flexible rotating wheels and foldable/unfoldable kickstand.

  • Original looking, high quality, highly demanding toy vehicle
  • Suitable as a birthday gift, new year and Christmas gift
  • It has flexible rotating wheels
  • Available in four different colors
  • Perfectly covers all small details of a vehicles
  • The toy has a spinning steering wheel, shock absorption, and even natural mirrors

Brand Name: Maisto Model Number: Ducati Desmosedici RR GP15 Material: Plastic Size: Weight: 40g Gender: Unisex Age Range: 8-11 Years Type: Racing Motorcycle Features: Model, Mini

5.5 Movies & TV Toys For 8-11 Years Kids 2020

Typically, kids love to wear, carry around cartoons, movies or popular television character outfits. They like to watch all sorts of animated series, movies and shows. After some time it becomes a trend to carry those popular animated characters as a toy. Kids like to use a backpack, shoes, hats which have their favourite animated characters in them. Here’s our recommended toy for your kids to have fun.


It is a super cute, hot selling Pikachu Hat, which is pretty stylish and fun to use. The hat opens up a cozy and fun world, especially in the winter season. In chilly weather, kids love to wear soft hats to cover their ears and now they can enjoy their cozy moments with this adorable, soft and colorful hat. The cute-faced Pikachu hat is designed to offer comfort; it makes a perfect gift for any small occasion. The soft fabric is incredibly durable and machine-washable.

  • Adorable cute faced, super soft Pikachu hat
  • Suitable as a small gift
  • Made of quality materials
  • Available in two beautiful colors
  • Machine-washable

Brand Name: Monssjay Color: White rabbit, yellow Pikachu Material: Plush Filling: air float Dimensions: height 60cm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 8-11 Years Modeling category: Animal

5.6 RC Helicopters Toys For 8-11 Years Kids 2020

Helicopters toys are the best toy for young boys who like to spend and play outdoors. This toy stimulates creativity and gives outdoor fun to your kids. In the past, we only had the option to play with battery enabled helicopters or remote control helicopters. But now, we have modern designed, affordable professional drones available for kids to play. These toys help to teach taking control, cause, and effect, balancing. Small-sized drones, helicopters are easy to carry, durable and portable. This is one of the best toys for kids on 2020 to buy for 8-11 years. Below, we have recommended an affordable remote control helicopter toy suitable for 8-11 years young boys.

rc helicopter toy

Eachine brand mini 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis 3D Headless remote control helicopter is designed to be easy. This is a super affordable alternative to professional drones. It can fly with a remote control with a built-in positioning system. It has 3D rolling special effects which bring extra fun while flying it. Four blades have built-in LED light installed while flying in the night sky gives the enjoyment of seeing a flying saucer. The helicopter is in a portable size which makes it easy to carry outside the park or fields.

  • Affordable, high-quality helicopter toy
  • Compact design
  • One-key reverse function
  • Comes with instruction manual
  • 6-Axis Gyro
  • It has 4 propellers

Brand Name: EACHINE Item name: Eachine E010 Mini Quadcopter Quadcopter Size: 9.5X9.5X5CM Frequency: 2.4G Channel:4CH Battery: 3.7V (150MAH) (included) Transmitter Power: 2 x 1.5V AA battery(not included) Flight time: about 5 minutes Charging time: 30 ~ 50 minutes Flying distance: 30 meters Function: up / down / left turn / right turn / forward / back / left side fly / right side fly / speed file/ 360 ° flip/ a key return / headless mode / memory function Gender: Unisex Age Range: 8-11 Years Features: Remote Control

5.7 Spinning Tops Toys For 8-11 Years Kids 2020

Action loving kids like to play with spinning top toys. These toys help to enhance kids balancing ability, hand-eye coordination, and patience. Children like to play outside, take part in competitions. Sometimes, they organize spinning top toy battle competitions with their friends. This toy brings great joy and fun in their battle. Top toys are the most popular 10 year old boy toys. We have listed a top-selling hot beyblade gyro spinning top toy for you below.

spinning top toy

Gyroscope Beyblade top-selling spinning top is a glowing metal toy. It is suitable as a small gift or birthday gift. The colors are pretty random. There are no sharp edges or any burr in the toy.

  • Affordable, high-quality top toy
  • It has a built-in LED light
  • No sharp edges

Model: T1214 Category: LED Gyro Material: Metal Color: Random 1pc Specifications: 9.5*15.5cm Diameter: About 6cm Battery: Button Battery Features: Flashing

5.8 Stuffed & Plush Animals Toys For 8-11 Years Kids 2020

Stuffed animals and plush toys are adorable, girls of all ages especially toddlers and young girls like to carry a stuffed toy. Plush toys are available in the shape of cartoons, animals, flowers, etc. Young girls like the most keychain, lady bag, soft shoe or plush toy pillows. These plush toys come in different bright colors. You can get some of your kid’s favourite toy characters to decorate their bedrooms. Stuffed animals & plush toys give them space from technology.

toys & doll

Plush handbag is the perfect combination of cost and quality. The size is adorable and easy to carry around. This cute faced, soft little coin purse is a perfect gift for your princess. It can be used to carry some cash, cards and maybe one pen/pencil. It has a metal keychain attached to it. So, it can be attached to a backpack also.

  • An affordable, high-quality plush handbag
  • Super soft and cute
  • Simple yet adorable

Brand Name: xuleplush Material: COTTON Filling: PP Cotton Size: 7-20cm Gender: Girls Age Range: 8-11 Years Features: Stuffed & Plush

5.9 Toys & Dolls For 8-11 Years Kids 2020

Toys and dolls are wonderful with cute, adorable faces and lovely features. If you are confused about what to get for your kids on their birthdays, just try to remember their favourite animated/cartoon character and go for those toys & dolls. Although, you should always put some effort before getting a toy for your kids. Toys are not just for fun & entertainment, that should have some inspirational values too. Here’s one different toy suggestion for you to check, see if it goes to your kids’ choices.

toys & dolls

These are some funny but angry-looking super Mario Koopa stuffed dolls. You can buy this toy as a small gift or birthday gift. You can either order a set or buy individually. These dolls are available in various sizes. The dolls are wonderful colors, facial features, hands & legs.

  • High quality and ideal as a birthday gift
  • Super soft and cute
  • Available in various sizes

Brand Name: leqemao Material: COTTON Filling: PP Cotton Size:18cm 23cm 25cm Gender: Girls Age Range: 8-11 Years Type: Stuffed Dolls

6. The Best Toys For Your 12-15 Years Kids On 2020

Choosing a toy for a teen can be a daunting task for the parents. Shopping for toys now reached a whole new dimension. It is recommended to choose a toy that will inspire them, motivate them to stay active and which is fun to use. Teenagers have plenty of energy but easily get bored. You need to find a creative kit that illuminates their imagination. As a parent, your vital task to pick a toy which is at your budget range also which keeps them interested and motivates them. Are you feeling lost? Can’t decide the suitable toys for your teenager in this wide range of possible gifts? Have you already searched for the best website reviews of toys? Fortunately, we are here to guide you through this journey. We have shortlisted the best toys for kids on 2020 for 12-15 years, that will help to save your volatile time.

6.1 Action & Toy Figures For 12-15 Years Kids 2020

By the time your child’s are 12-15 years old, you will notice that their choices of watching animated action series, movies have changed. So, their choices for action figures & toys will also change. They will not consider Pikachu, Doraemon or Peppa pig toy figures anymore. You have probably noticed that they are now mostly drawn to fiction, fantasy and adventures. So do their choices of toy figures also. Based on this fact, we have mentioned an action figure for your 12-15 years old.

action toy

Similar to many teenagers, your kids also probably love the Harry Potter fantasy series. If they do, then surely they will prefer Harry Potter costumes for any fun party or Halloween Party. It can be personalised best gifts for kids. This glass frames exactly resembles Harry Potter frames.

  • High-quality action figure glass frame
  • Super lightweight
  • Durable

Brand Name: AOSST Material: PVC Size :5.513.514CM Weight: about 0.03kg Gender: Unisex Age Range: 12-15 Years Theme: Movie & TV

6.2 Blocks Toys For 12-15 Years Kids 2020

Teenagers want fun, interesting and creative kits. Build block toys promotes creativity, planning and teamwork skills. Although there are various kinds of block toys available in the market, we have listed an interesting nanoblock game for your teen to play with. Block toys are one of the most wished toys and games.

block toy

This is an innovative nanoblock toy set that comes with an easy step, over 300+ pieces available. This adorable nanoblock set is a puzzle to build a nice looking hamburger, cake, beer, ice cream, pizza, etc. It is a super fun way to play with friends.

  • New innovative nanoblock toy set
  • Contains self-locking colorful blocks
  • Enhance creativity

Brand Name: nanoblock Material: ABS Plastic Pack Size : 103*180mm Gender: Unisex Age Range: 12-15 Years

6.3 RC Helicopters Toys For 12-15 Years Kids 2020

drone toy

Teenagers and grownups are always fantasized about owning a drone! Well, good news for the parents of 12-15 years old kids. Now, professional looking drones are available in affordable price range. Helicopter drones are the hottest gifts for boys and girls. Small drones are fun to play with, very handy to take aerial photo shoots. Here’s our best picked drone toy for your teens and grownups.

The CEVENNESFE drone is an affordable substitute to professional drones but most of the operations are similar. It is made with a small FPV camera that captures 1080p HD images. Drone works in the remote control with a screen.

  • Professional compact designed drone
  • Takes 1080p HD images
  • Short charging time
  • Package includes instruction manual

Brand Name: CEVENNESFE Material: Plastic Dimensions: 37.5X39X6.5cm Remote Distance: about 500m Motor: Brushless Motor Gender: Unisex Age Range: 12-15 Years, grownups

6.4 Toys & Dolls For 12-15 Years Kids 2020

As a preteen and teenage girl’s parents, you already know that they like to decorate their room with dolls, cartoons or anime faced pillowcases and bags. Here’s one cute pillow cushion cover to gift your princess.

toys & dolls

Pillows are special! Your kid’s pillow will look gorgeous and adorable with this LOL Surprise doll cushion covers. The cute, gorgeous pillowcase is a beautiful addition to your kid’s bedroom, playroom or living room. It is easily washable and durable.

  • Gorgeous color pillowcase
  • Made of a quality product
  • Easily washable

Brand Name: L.O.L. SURPRISE! Material: Foam Dimensions: 40*40cm Form: 1/12 Gender: Unisex Age Range: 12-15 Years, grownups


For many parents, choosing the best toy for your kids might seem complicated. Toys are not just for fun and entertainment anymore. Finding the right toy is also an opportunity to include a learning toy to help your kids develop their optimal potential. At any stage of life whether toddlers, preteen, teenager or grownups toys are always enlightening their development milestone. With a wide range of choices of toys for both indoors and outdoors; parents try to select the best and right toys for their little boys and girls. Since we realize the struggle many parents have to face, we compiled the list above of the best toys for kids on 2020. We really hope that our list will make your work hassle-free.

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